Teens that apply for an intermediate license must complete 20 hours of supervised driving. Does that mean a student that had online-taught driver education has to complete 60 hours of driving?

No, the law in Georgia states that the student may use 20 of the required 40 hours for online-taught driver education in order to complete this requirement. It also includes that necessary requirement of nighttime driving as well.

Do all the students need to complete the online taught driver education in order to take a driving test?

Yes they do, the law clearly states that each student from Montgomery County has to complete the online-taught driver’s education successfully, in order to pass the Iowa DOT driving license test, before they qualify for their driving license.

Do all the edibility requirements of the intermediate license apply to the online-taught driver education students?

Yes they do, the law states that approved the online-taught driver education hasn’t changed any eligibility requirements for the students who are taking the online-taught driver education. (The student can also apply for a minor school license, if they take private instruction, but also take classes at an accredited school or take part in extracurricular activities at an accredited school). You can find more information regarding the driving license eligibility requirements for minors.

If a student is above 18 years of age, are they required to take the driver education?

No they are not required to take it. Although it will certainly help them attain the skills and knowledge of operating a motor vehicle. Students who are above 18 years old are not required to take the driver education cause. They can choose to take the knowledge test and the driving exam in order to qualify for their driving license.

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