What is the Student Requirement that each teacher is required to possess?

The teaching online course will have to select a curriculum that has previously been approved by the Texas DPS. The complete list of approved lessons can be found on the above tab named ‘Approved’.

Can I use another school or my own instead of approved by the DOT?

No, you may not. The laws clearly state that the online who is teaching their teen, needs to select a curriculum, which has previously been approved by the WI DOT. They should be selected from the approved s found on the tab above.

What will be the cost of the course material?

The overall cost of the material, has been set by the vendors, who are approved. The cost may vary depending on the curriculum you have chosen and the type of material that the online has selected to receive (For example, online versus written).

What age does the student have to be in order to be eligible for the driver’s education from a teaching online?

The student has to be between the ages of 14 to 21 in order to become eligible and must be within the full control and custody of the teaching online. The student needs to receive an Iowa instruction permit, before they can begin the driver’s education from a teaching online.

How many driving hours doest the student have to complete?

The students needs to complete a maximum of 40 hours of driving on the highway or streets, out of which 4 hours must be completed during nighttime driving (i.e. before sunrise and after sunset) in the company of their teaching online. The online will have to use the Iowa Department of Transportation Form – Driving Log for Online-Taught Driver Education in order to log the necessary driving hours that have been accomplished by the student

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