You'll find a brief history of Terrell County, Georgia here, as well as an online tour of homes and businesses. As you visit our pages, I'm quite sure you'll agree, Terrell County has some very beautiful historic homes.

As we continue to work on the site we hope to include more from the downtown historic business district. And we are working on the area's many churches.

We haven't left out education! Terrell County has many schools. Each school, from head start to adult education, has its own section on the Terrell County website. Visit the Terrell County Schools for yourself...Just click on the Schools link (top left) or at the top of the page!

The following information provided below is regarding the various types of licenses that are available for drivers who are under 18 years of age. Driving is a seriously responsibility for adults, which must be respected in order to protect yourself and others around you when you drive.

Wisconsin has got a system for drivers that are under the age of 18, which is known as the graduated driver’s license (GDL). The GDL mainly has 3 simple steps that are designed to offer experience in order to enhance the driving skills of individuals. These steps include the following:

In the event that you mess up, your instruction permit may be revoked or suspended. This will happen when you are convicted of a moving traffic violation, which may include, speeding, failure to obey traffic laws, and reckless driving. If you violate any of the regulations on your permit, or if you are involved in a traffic accident that you contributed to or caused then you may have to take a wisconsin failure yield course:

Whenever you have a crash, violation or conviction, the 6-month period for the clean driving record will begin again. Whenever your licensed is revoked or suspended, the 12-month period for holding an instruction permit will also begin again.

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